Our food

Our chef Liselott cooks all food from scratch and uses – as far as possible – organic ingredients that are locally grown and produced in order to serve good and nutritious food. Liselott bakes her own bread, which contains healthy seeds and fiber, and makes our own muesli. Jam contains a lot of sugar, therefore Liselott makes her own jam and juice for the children with the smallest possible amount of sugar or with organic honey that is locally produced.


All served meals have a composition from all parts of the nutritional cycle. Liselott thinks it is a fun challenge to be able to develop healthier, but just as good dishes with fine ingredients. An important part is also the presentation of the food, which means for example, a nice arrangement. It is also important to cook with inspiration from all over the world, so that the children have the opportunity to try new flavors and dishes. At the same time, we want to preserve our Swedish/Skånska traditions such as kalops, egg cake, Christmas table and more.


Based on our mindset – to minimize sugar, there are only a few holidays/days we are baking/serving products that contain sugar. These days are, for example, Lucia (in Swedish), Semmeldagen (in Swedish), Kanelbullens dag (in Swedish) and the end of summer holidays.