Our vision

We are proud of our beautiful preschool

Rosa Tornet’s Montessori preschool is an idyll where children and educators can enjoy themselves! The preschool is located on the outskirts of Råbylund with a fantastic view over the plain, nearby a small lake. The children follow the changes of the seasons – in an exciting nature, where they can catch butterflies and watch frogs in the summer and go ice skating in the winter. We have created a garden with a garden land that attracts children to play spontaneously and to develop their joy of discovery.

Rosa Tornet’s Montessori preschool is an independent preschool with children from 1-5 years. The preschool was founded in 1988 by enthusiastic parents and today the preschool has around 74 children and around 16 employees. Rosa Tornet is led by a principal and the preschool is a parent cooperative. The parents’ commitment is made clear through the parents’ participation in various committees. We strive to be a preschool where every child should be given the opportunity to develop into creative and independent children – in a safe and stimulating environment!

We have educationally adapted facilities as well as an own chef. All food is prepared from scratch with ingredients that are, as much as possible, locally grown and organic. Food is a priority for us.

Our pedagogues have a high level of education both in terms of basic pedagogical training and Montessori specialization. The education and continuing education of our staff is an important part of our preschool.

We have a fantastic staff – come and visit us!