Queue application

Information for those of you who are already waiting in line with us

Admissions for 2022 are now ready. If you didn't get a place this year, you keep your place in our queue for 2023. Mvh Rosa Tornets Montessori pre-school

Fill in the form below to put your child in the queue for Rosa Tornet. If you/you have several children that you wish to register, please fill in the form once for each child.

Priority is given to children whose siblings are enrolled at Rosa Tornet when registering. Children must be admitted in the order they appear in the list, taking into account the needs of the pre-school's departments.

NOTE! It is only when you have received confirmation from us that the child/children are placed in our queue. If you have not received confirmation within 3 working days, please contact us on 076-555 51 48.