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Rosa Tornet
Montessori kindergarten in Lund
Ikon Föräldraengagemang

Parental involvement

Rosa Tornet is a parent cooperative where parents take active responsibility for the activities by participating in parent committees, garden days and board work. Parental involvement creates a community and makes it possible to maintain a higher level in preschool.

Ikon Hög personaltäthet

High staff density

At Rosa Tornet, we have more staff per child than the average and also significantly more trained educators. Our fantastic staff creates the best conditions for all children in preschool to develop, learn new things and have a positive and fun day.

Ikon Montessoripedagogik

Montessori pedagogy

Maria Montessori knew what every parent knows - namely that all children are curious, full of the joy of discovery and eager to try and learn new things. Montessori pedagogy puts the child at the center by offering it help for self-help.

Ikon Kravcertifierad mat

Requirements-certified food

We have our own chef who has the knowledge and commitment to meet the children's needs for the right nutrition and good food. Our food is organic, requirements-certified and cooked from scratch with very locally produced ingredients. Do we need to say that educators also love food?

Ikon Systematisk kvalitetssäkring

Systematic quality assurance

At Rosa Tornet, the educators work actively to constantly develop and improve the business through planning, evaluation and analysis. With the help of an annual plan, the goals in the curriculum are planned to create a stable basic activity that is safe, developing and learning.

Ikon Utvecklande miljö

Developing environment

Our modern and purposeful premises and our large fantastic garden create a pleasant and stimulating environment for both play and education. The children are offered various activities and materials that train and prepare them for both school and everyday life.

Respect Communication Happiness

A better preschool

We have large and modern rooms specially adapted for our business, a fantastic outdoor environment that invites to both play and learning and our own chef prepares certified food that provides energy for the whole day. At Rosa Tornet, your children simply get the best conditions for developing and preparing for school.

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